Sunday, October 14, 2012

My First Scrapbook Project

It has been forever since I've updated. I created this space online to document my research, design process, and execution. I have had many art blogs (like this one) but I have lost my photos and links of my other past projects. And some I have not even updated on here (polymer clay creationgs). My current project will be a gift and when I give it away I would like to have it here for my future reference.

Below are the general steps I took to arrive at my final ideation of my first scrapbook. It is a lot of trial & error since it is my first time but it is very fun to do. I've ALWAYS wanted to create a scrapbook but didn't really find the inspiration or reason to. I searched youtube and found so many inspirational videos and decided it would be perfect to make for my bf. When my co-worker mentioned she scrapbooks, I was even more inspired and determined to start. I am creating this scrapbook for my sweet boyfriend for our 365 days anniversary.

Steps I took:
  1. Research. Find out about the many options to create scrapbooks..too many...ahhh..
  2. Think of a theme or how I want the finished look to be - not too girly, no pinks, and romantic.
  3. Visit art stores and see what is available. Pick and coordinate patterns/colours and all material. (hardest part..)
  4. Figure out how to put together the pages and binding of the book.
  5. Go back to the store to find embellishments to add to the project...go back again...
  6. Finally START making it. (and keep it a secret from Boyfriend)
At this current time, I have already started my scrapbook and already bought the materials and tools needed to create my scrapbook. Here are my materials so far: